Con gái

Hôm qua đi BRT gặp 2 mẹ con xuống xe cùng điểm với mình, cô con gái mặt thẫn thờ buồn ngủ khiến mình nghĩ rằng mẹ đưa con đi lớp sớm quá, khi mà cô bé còn chưa tỉnh ngủ. Rồi hôm nay lên xe lại gặp đúng 2 mẹ con nhà đó, từ […]

Just a little girl

I’m happy, really be happy with myself. This afternoon, I received an offer letter from one of the leading startup about blockchain in Vietnam. That’s fantastic! Can’t amazing about myself! Let think about the near future. I will improve my English skill by practicing it every day. The first time I work as a Marketing Lead and […]

Big Mother

When I had a baby, I got more knowledge about the children so I become understand them more and more. Every early morning, I always go out with my baby and get her into a nearby kindergarten. Today, as other days, Fanta is so excited to see the children in kindergarten. At that moment, there […]